Q. When is the quietest time to visit?
A. To get the most out of your visit why not make it an early start or a teatime visit? 11am until 3.30pm are the busiest times. Sunny and dry days are also much quieter than rainy, wet days.

Q.What should my children wear on the equipment?
A. We always recommend that children come ready to play, dressed with long sleeved tops that can tuck in, long trousers and socks. Non-acryllic clothing is best

Q. Why do we have to wear socks?
A. Socks must be worn at all times in order to maintain hygiene on the play equipment. They also help to protect against accidents of the toes and feet.
With the exception of the GoKarts and Climbing Wall where trainers are recommended.

Q.What is the age range at Mini Monsterz?
A. We have facilities designed for all ages, from 0 – 16 years. There are 3 main sections to the play equipment; a baby area for under 1’s, a toddler section for under 5’s and a junior section for 5 – 16 years. Under 5’s are permitted to use the junior section, but we recommend adult supervision. Adults are also encouraged to use the equipment with their children.

Q. Why is there a charge for 6-11 months?
A. Mini Monsterz provides a specific area for children of this age range. We also provide additional facilities such as highchairs, baby changing and can warm up baby milk and food. All of the facilities mentioned here are to accommodate children of this age, along with their parents/guardians, in order to make their time at Mini Monsterz, both enjoyable and comfortable.

Q. Are there any additional costs?
A. Your admission fee covers your entry and use of all play facilities. There is an additional cost for the Climbing Wall and the Go Karts. These are priced on a non-profit making basis, with proceeds helping towards vital maintenance of the climbing equipment.
Charging also gives all children a fair chance to use these space limited facilities.

Q. Why do I have to pay for a child that ‘isn’t playing’?
A. Mini Monsterz is a Children’s Play Centre with an admission price on the door. Any person entering has to be charged the standard admission charge for their age, regardless of their intention to play or not. The entry price is charged for use of all the facilities the building has to offer, not only the play equipment. Our play equipment is also designed with a specific age range in mind, which means it is therefore attractive to those children.

Q. Is car parking available?
A. Yes, we provide free parking for all customers whilst using Mini Monsterz. Disabled parking spaces are also available directly outside the building.

Q. Do you have disabled access?
A. Yes. We provide full disabled access to all areas of Mini Monsterz, including disabled parking right outside the building and disabled toileting facilities.

Q. Why can’t an older sibling supervise a younger child?
A. We have to adhere by requirement imposed upon us from child services, the local EHO and our Public Liability insurers. An adult is classed as a parent or guardian over the age of 18 and the child/children remain their responsibility at all times when in Mini Monsterz. This is for the safety and security of their children.

Q. Why can’t we pop out and come back in?
A. The child/children remain the responsibility of the parents/guardian at all times when in Mini Monsterz. If they leave our premises this negates their responsibility. If the parent/guardian wants to leave our premises they will have to take all their children and belongings with them. This is for the safety and security of their children. Re-entry will not be allowed. For children to be left on our premises we would have to register with Ofsted as a creche facility and this would incur additional charges. Adults must remain on the premises for the full duration of their child’s stay.

Once you have signed in, paid and entered Mini Monsterz, you have access to an unlimited play session; there are no time restrictions. However, by signing out and leaving the premises, you are choosing to end your play session at Mini Monsterz. You are therefore not permitted to sign out and then re-enter at a later point. This is for safety and security reasons.

Q. Why do adults have to pay?
A. We price our facility accordingly and give parents the opportunity to join in and participate on all the activities with their children, to allow them to spend quality time together. We have also put considerable investment into the surroundings to give parents plenty of seating and leisure facilities in a relaxed and pleasant environment.
We believe our pricing is fair when compared to what you would have to pay if taking your child to the cinema, farm parks, bowling or places like Legoland, all comparable activities parents would do with their children.

Q. Can I bring my own food and do you have a picnic area?
A. Unfortunately not. We have gone to the trouble of becoming a licensed restaurant and as such have to adhere to strict regulations as laid out by the Health & Safety Executive. These regulations are the same stipulated for any restaurant and do not permit members of the public to bring food other than that prepared on the premises. This is with the exception to baby food. We do not have any allocated area on our premise for picnics and you will be asked to put your food away our leave the premises to eat it. We do not allow re-entry.

Q. Can my children get out, are they safe?
A. Customers enter through a controlled gate entrance. On exit all guests leave via a controlled gate exit operated by a member of the Mini Monsterz team.

Q. Am I allowed to take photos or video footage of my children?
A. There is no law that prevents you taking images of your own children, but you will have to be mindful of other customers' children and their privacy. We do not allow customers to take general shots of the facility only close ups of their kin.

Q. What time is the last admission?
A. We allow admission up to the final hour before we close. However, there is no reduction in price regardless of entry time.

Q. Are you accessible via Public Transport?
A. Yes. We are accessible by bus and train. Please check with the centre for further details.

Q. Why is my child unable to use the dropslide?
A. The drop slides are restricted by age for health and safety purposes. It is important that the child is old enough to listen to the safety instructions and understand them, before using these slides.

Q. Is my child big enough to use the climbing wall? (Whitby Only)
A. Ability to use the climbing wall is based on size, rather than age. If the safety harness fits securely, then your child is welcome to use the wall. This is usually from age 3 or 4 upwards.

Q. How do I access the Free WiFi?
A. Ask at reception for the passcode on the day of your visit. This code is changed daily so make sure you get a new one every time you visit Mini Monsterz.

Q. Why do your prices differ from other Play Centres?
A. Mini Monsterz take great pride in the quality of the service that we provide, in terms of the play equipment, cleanliness, cafe facilities and the general environment of Mini Monsterz. We constantly maintain the play equipment, keeping it clean and carrying out daily health and safety checks. Additionally, we have professional maintenance checks on the play equipment, in order to provide our customers with the reassurance that they are using a facility which is safe and maintained. Furthermore, we place great effort into providing a clean and comfortable environment for all our customers, with the Mini Monsterz team placing much effort and time into providing a high quality facility. Lastly, Mini Monsterz is individual, and will always strive to meet the high standards set by ourselves, rather than the standards of other play centres.